Investment in property has been a proven profit scheme ever. Many business giants have endorsed the idea of investing in property. There are many countries all over the world that allow buying of property for any nationality. Countries like USA, Canada, many European countries and Dubai allow to buy property regardless of your country of citizenship.

Property prices in different countries depend on a lot of factors like economic and political situation of the country, demand from local residents and foreign investment flowing into real estate and other industries. As a global trend property in bigger cities is expensive to buy and rent compared to smaller cities. Price of real estate gets cheaper as move outside the city. Properties near to a lake or sea generally cost more because of the view. In Dubai properties in areas like Dubai Marina cost more as they have vistas of sea from the windows. In other cities like New York the same trend follows for property.

In cities that have no sea or lakes, usually the amenities around the property decide the price, for example New Delhi. Properties in gated communities also cost more than independent properties as they have 24 hour security facility, that is a priority for families. Other facilities like schools around the property is also a determining factor for price. Having good schools within a short radius can be beneficial for property as it is an important factors for families with school going kids.

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