It may seem impossible if we hear we can now live underwater, but in Dubai there is no word as impossible. In Dubai you can buy a floating villa that is partly submerged in water. These villas are located on the world Islands which is another amazing project, but let’s only talk about the villas for now.

These unique villas have been names as Sea Horse and each villa can have up to four bedrooms which is a decent size for a mid to large family especially when you are living under water. The master bedroom and the guest room are located in the lower level and you can actually see marine life from your bedroom windows. There are a total of three bathrooms, out of which two are under the water and one is on sea level. The dining area o f the villa is at the Sea Level which means you can a spectacular view of the sea at the dining table.

The access to the villa is obviously through a boat which adds to the experience of living in this amazing property. This also means you are surrounded by water on all sides and you get a completely different feeling of living very close to marine life.

These villas have exceeded luxury and showcase the boldness of Dubai real estate that has delivered the most talked about projects in the world. The floating villas are another feather in the cap of Dubai’s property market and have gained attention from buyers globally.

The price of these villas range between AED 10 Million to AED 16 Million which is well justified by the effort behind this extraordinary project and the luxury it provides. This is a unique development and also provides an opportunity for visitors to rent this villa during a Dubai vacation; this is only possible if the owner has listed the villa for shore rent. This project is also a successful experiment to know about possibilities of going beyond land to build real estate.

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